Advent-Morro invests in different types of transactions and in companies at diverse stages of development.
The following are examples of the transactions the firm participates in:

Re-capitalizations of Family Owned Businesses

Often, families and other principal shareholders diversify their personal net worth and achieve liquidity through the partial sale of their ownership interests in a company. In such situations, Advent-Morro plays an integral role in re-capitalizing the company. In most cases, the current owners or existing management teams continue their active involvement with the company after the transaction.

Management Buy-Outs

In situations in which current owners of a company seek complete liquidity and have no desire to remain involved after the transaction, Advent-Morro backs management teams in completing the buyouts of said corporations.

Corporate Divestitures

As larger corporations change their strategic directions, divisions or subsidiaries may lose importance in their respective parents’ long terms plans. In these situations, Advent-Morro will provide equity capital to management teams and assist in accomplishing the buyout of a division or subsidiary from its parent corporation.


In select cases, Advent-Morro has been an active investor in companies which are inappropriately capitalized or are under-performing relative to market opportunities.

Expansion Financing

Growth companies requiring capital to finance organic growth and acquisition opportunities.

Industry Consolidations

In fragmented industries, Advent-Morro acts as an equity partner with experienced management teams in the consolidation of companies within the same industry.

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